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The Kalmia Collection

Below is a list of plants represented in the Kalmia Collection. Highstead strives to have the most complete collection of Kalmia latifolia cultivars and a representative collection of the genus. This collection is for both horticultural and scientific knowledge. The importance of this collection is recognized by Highstead's participation in the North American Plant Collections Consortium.

Any plant name followed by an asterisk in the list below, is represented in the collection at Highstead.

Kalmia species cultivar/form description
K. angustifoliaf. candida*low growing, white flower
K. angustifolia'Forever Green'*better winter foliage, typical pink flower
K. angustifolia'Hammonasset'*bright rose pink to bluish rose
K. angustifolia'Kennebago'*shiny leaves and deep rose flowers
K. angustifolia'Poke Logan'*shiny leaves and light pink flowers
K. angustifolia'Royal Dwarf'*rose-pink flowers in June and again in August
K. angustifolia'Wintergreen'*deep colored foliage, especially in autumn
K. cuneatawhite wicky*species deciduous, small white flower
K. latifoliaf. angustatanarrow leaves (see 'Willowood')
K. latifoliaf. apetala*flowers lacking petals
K. latifolia'Baystate'*coral-colored flower
K. latifolia'Bettina'reduced corolla
K. latifolia'Big Boy'*pink bud, pink flower
K. latifolia'Bravo'*dark pink flower and bud
K. latifolia'Bridesmaid'*deep pink flower with white center
K. latifolia'Brilliant'crimson bud, deep pink flower
K. latifolia'Bristol'*broad cinnamon-maroon band
K. latifolia'Bullseye'*white flower with cinnamon band
K. latifolia'Candy'*dark pink bud, dark pink flower
K. latifolia'Carol'*deep red bud, white flower
K. latifolia'Carousel'*white flower with cinnamon band
K. latifolia'Claydian Pink'*pink bud, clear pink flower
K. latifolia'Clementine Churchill'outer corolla rose, inner rose-red
K. latifolia'Comet'*white flowers and a more dense plant habit
K. latifolia'Compacta'*very compact, dense globe
K. latifolia'Elf'*semi-dwarf habit, light pink-white flower
K. latifolia'Eloise Butler'pink bud, white flower, very hardy
K. latifolia'Emerald Sheen'*thick, rounded, dark green, glossy foliage
K. latifolia'Firecracker'*x
K. latifolia'Freckles'*pink bud, white flower w/ ten cinnamon spots
K. latifolia'Fresca' *white flower with burgundy band
K. latifoliaf. fuscatabanded flower (cultivars in collection)
K. latifolia'Galaxy'*cinnamon-maroon pigment on inside
K. latifolia'Golden Flush'emerging leaves yellowmature to green
K. latifolia'Good Show'*deep pink in bud, rich pink when open
K. latifolia'Goodrich'*cinnamon-purple flower with white border
K. latifolia'Heart of Fire'*red bud, pink flower
K. latifolia'Hearts Desire'*red bud, cinnamon-red flower
K. latifolia'Hoffman's Pink'*medium pink in bud, light pink when open
K. latifolia'Kaleidoscope'*cinnamon flower edged in white
K. latifolia'Keepsake'*cinnamon maroon flower inside w/ white edge
K. latifolia'Keystone'*light pink bud, near white when open
K. latifolia'Little Linda'*semi-dwarf habit, red bud, pink flower
K. latifolia'Madeline'*only double-flowered cultivar known
K. latifolia'Meteor'*new 'Shooting Star' type, lavender-pink
K. latifolia'Minuet'*semi-dwarf habit, flower w/ broad maroon band
K. latifoliaf. myrtifolia*semi-dwarf habit, variable flower
K. latifolia'Nancy'*bright red bud, clear pink flower
K. latifolia'Nathan Hale'*red bud, pink flower
K. latifolia'Nipmuck'*intense red bud, pink flower
K. latifoliaf. obtusataoblong leaves rounded at ends
K. latifolia'Olympic Fire'*deep red bud, pink flower
K. latifolia'Olympic Wedding'*pink bud, pink flower with maroon band
K. latifolia'Ostbo Red'*bight red bud, pink flower
K. latifolia'Paul Bosley'*rich pink bud, medium to strong pink flower
K. latifolia'Peppermint'*white flower with candy stripe
K. latifolia'Pequot'*red bud, light pink flower
K. latifolia'Pink Ball'*x
K. latifolia'Pink Charm'*red bud, rich pink flower with red ring
K. latifolia'Pink Frost'*rich pink bud, pink flower
K. latifolia'Pink Globe'*reddish-pink flower, globular
K. latifolia'Pink Star'cut corolla, deep pink
K. latifolia'Pink Surprise'*deep pink bud, pink flower
K. latifolia'Pinwheel'*white flower with cinnamon band
K. latifoliaf. polypetala*flower with feathery petals
K. latifolia'Pristine'*compact habit, white flower
K. latifolia'Quinnipiac'*red bud, soft pink flower
K. latifolia'Raspberry Glow'*deep red bud, deep pink flower
K. latifolia'Raspberry Swirl'pink bud, flower with maroon band
K. latifolia'Richard Jaynes'*red bud, dark pink flower
K. latifolia'Sandy Mountain'cross with K. hirsuta, then backcrossed
K. latifolia'Sarah'*red bud, pink-red flower
K. latifolia'Sharon Rose'*buds bright red, fading to pink when open
K. latifolia'Shooting Star'*white flower, distinctly lobed
K. latifolia'Silver Dollar'*pinkish bud, large white flower
K. latifolia'Snowdrift'*white flower
K. latifolia'Splendens'pink flower with reddish pigment spots
K. latifolia'Star Cluster'*white flower with maroon band
K. latifolia'Stillwood'*white bud, white flower
K. latifolia'Sunset'*bright red bud, opening to strong pink
K. latifolia'Tiddlywinks'*semi-dwarf habit, pink flower
K. latifolia'Tightwad'*large pink buds, which never open
K. latifolia'Tightwad Too'*medium pink buds; resists leafspot
K. latifolia'Tinkerbell'*semi-dwarf habit, deep pink flower
K. latifolia'Twenty'*dark pink bud, medium pink flower
K. latifolia'Waxy Max'f. fuscata with dense growth habit
K. latifolia'Wedding Band'sibling of 'Olympic Wedding'
K. latifolia'White Mountain'*white to pink bud, white flower
K. latifolia'Willowcrest'*pink flower, narrow leaf form
K. latifolia'Willowood'*willow-leaved, flowers light pink to white
K. latifolia'Window'*large, light-pink flowers, darkening with age
K. latifolia'Yankee Doodle'*red bud, white flower with maroon band
K. polifolia x K. microphylla'Rocky Top'*a cross of eastern bog & western alpine laurels

for more complete information on any of the cultivars or forms presented here, please reference Kalmia: Mountain Laurel and Related Species by Richard A. Jaynes 1997. Timber Press