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Highstead works to inspire curiosity and build knowledge about plants and wooded landscapes in order to enhance life, preserve nature, and advance sound stewardship practices.

Connecticut College Cheers Alums' Work at Highstead

Mary Buchanan, Highstead conservation associate and 2014 Connecticut College graduate, was recently highlighted by her alma mater for her work on a new conservation funding report. The publication details federal, state, and local funding for conservation in New England, compiling data that is publicly available, but rarely presented in a comprehensive way.

The article also noted a second Connecticut College connection – David Foster, 1977 graduate and Highstead board president, worked closely with Buchanan on the report. Find more information about the conservation funding report here and learn more about Buchanan in the full Connecticut College article here.

Senior Ecologist Featured in Ecology and Evolution Journal

Ed Faison, Highstead senior ecologist, published a new article on the effects of deer and moose browsing in the journal Ecology and Evolution. The article by Faison looks at ungulate browsing impact on the structure, composition, and diversity of Massachusetts forests recently disturbed by logging. Faison and co-authors Steve DeStefano, David Foster, Glenn Motzkin, and Josh Rapp found that browsing reduced tall woody cover and promoted a greater richness of herbaceous species. Read the full article here.

Peter Picone Gives Wildlife Talk at Highstead

Wildlife biologist Peter Picone shared his knowledge about enhancing habitats June 11 at Highstead. He detailed his experiences drawn from professional and personal projects and covered topics including encouraging native plants and discouraging invasive, non-native plants.

This practical, how-to oriented presentation offered information to help landowners take the first step toward starting a project in their own yard.

Apply Now for Highstead’s Conservation Internship

Highstead is seeking Conservation Interns for Fall 2016. Interns will work with our Senior Conservationists to implement research, outreach, and policy projects that advance priority conservation initiatives. The paid internship will run 12 weeks, from September 26, 2016 to December 16, 2016. Ideal candidates will be recent graduates of a Bachelor’s or Master’s-level program with a demonstrated interest and enthusiasm for landscape ecology, conservation finance, land conservation, and forest policy. For more information about the internship and how to apply, click here.

Victor DeMasi Speaks at Highstead Open Day

Renowned lepidopterist Victor DeMasi spoke at Highstead’s annual Open Day May 7, delivering a talk titled, “Butterflies in My Backyard.” DeMassi explained how butterfly gardens can promote pollinator diversity and addressed the fate of butterflies in an environment shaped by climate change and invasive plant species. 

Before DeMasi’s talk, Ed Faison, Highstead Senior Ecologist, led a guided tour of the Highstead landscape and discussed 10 years of forest change seen on the property. .

Highstead Supports ALPINE’s First Charles H.W. Foster Award

Photo courtesy of Middlebury College

Supported in part by Highstead, Academics for Land Protection in New England (ALPINE) presented the newly established Charles H.W. Foster Award to Middlebury College Feb. 22 in Boston in recognition of the protection of it’s 2,100-acre Bread Loaf Campus in Vermont.

Middlebury College President Laurie Patton accepted the award on behalf of the college. This new award honors Charles H.W. Foster, the late conservation leader and mentor.

Learn more here.